Monday, March 4, 2013

Life Long Love

I love reading and critiquing stories that others have written, then I decided.....that today?  I was going to write 'our story'

                                                      The Retirement

Retirement, just the word, opens up a 'can  of worms'.....It means you are old, older, out to pasture...oooh....such negative words, such negativity to the entire process.......

We have been called Grandma, Grandpa.....for 8 years problem!  We love being parents, grandparents, but when you add "RETIREMENT"......We are NOW in a different category.....We are not the affulent grandparents who work, and spread the wealth, we are in the retired grandparents who are on a budget.....WTHECK???????  

We HAVE we are not broke?  BUT....I feel that pull.... that pull to say...."Really? You want that gum that 1 year ago, I would have paid $2 for, NOW,,, think that is crazy!  

I now respect my hubby even more.....he has allowed me to be the free spirt that decorated and spent money without worrying....ok, not in the early years.....I have learned to love decorating and experimenting with color...and....well....destroying things when he was gone....He NEVER criticized......EVER!  He is always supportive of my 'tangents'...But he sees my vision.....that is awesome.... is too our traveling, our, ok, my tangents on decorating......HERE is too retirement!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


What a thrilling year this has been, being on virtual BOOK TOURS!  For a voracious reader such as myself, what a blessing!  My daughter, a blogger,   introduced me into a world which I love, one that I had NO clue about.  Thanks sweetie!!

I have read some awesome books....I am sure that there are some that, ahem may not be such a good read but you can count on me to be honest.

One that is sticking out in my mind, because it is so relevant to today and tomorrow is BULLIED by Carrie Goldman.   My last post I gave my review and share a synopsis of the book.  THIS is a MUST read, such great, useful info for EVERY member of EVERY family.  Great tools and honestly gave me hope....

This is a book that you must buy in hard copy, don't Kindle will want to share and refer often...or as I stated in my post?  BUY one for will be forever on the 'good gifter' list...Trust me.

Wanted to thank the Authors and the Publishing Companies, for the greatest opportunity.  Thank you Kathryn for the opportunity to do what I have always loved

Happy Reading!

Friday, September 7, 2012

BULLIED by Carrie Goldman

Bullied By Carrie Goldman

* At least 25 percent of kids have been bullied online 
*One in five teens has been bullied at school 
*More than half of bullying behaviors will stop in less than ten seconds 
when another student intervenes

In November 2010, first grader Katie Goldman became an unlikely Internet heroine, and the new face for the bullied. Her mother, a popular blogger, wrote a post describing the teasing Katie had faced over her Star Wars thermos ( an item, she was told, that was meant for boys.) That was, as her mother now writes, " the post that launched a thousand geeks." The twitter hashtag #MayTheForceBeWithKatie
was trending within days, comments flooded Goldman's blog and Facebook page, and Katie's story appeared through out media internationally.

Suddenly finding herself a voice for the anti-bullying movement, Katie's mother, Carrie Goldman set about investigating what has become an epidemic. Bullied is a smart, practical guide from a parent who's seen the insidious effects of bullying firsthand, and a researcher who has consulted the top experts in the field. Most importantly, Goldman offers specific advice on how to help children respond to bullies.

In Bullied, Goldman Recognizes the power of community, and a part of her mission is to underscore the role that retailers, media members, and average citizens play in this story, with simple and powerful messages: Respect and empathy must be taught, people of all ages must take responsibilities for their online lives, and kindness can be enormously healing.

As a mother, she calls on us all- families, schools, communities, celebrities- to examine our own stereotypes and embrace our joint responsibility for creating a culture of acceptance and respect. For parents, educators, and anyone still wrestling with past experience of victimization and fear, Bullied is an eye-opening, prescriptive, and ultimately uplifting guide to reversing the national bullying trend and raising diverse, empathetic, tolerant kids in a caring, safe world.

About the Author
Carrie Goldman's popular blog "Portrait of an Adoption" tackles issues related to parenting, bullying, and adoption for, the online community of the Chicago Tribune. She writes regularly for top parenting sites such as the HuffPost Parents, Circle of Moms, and Her blog was voted sixth in's 2010 Top 50 Mom blogs. Goldman received her B.S. from Northwestern University and her M.B.A from the Kellogg School of Management. She lives in Illinois with her husband and three young daughters. 

My Review:
As a parent, grandparent I was astounded how often this is happening.  As an adoptive parent, this was insightful on a whole different level.  There were so many different issues that honestly never entered my mind.  

I have taken this book to heart....this should be in EVERY families libraries, and NOT on Kindle.  IN PURE BOOK form, that can be reached for, often, and that can be lent out, sparingly, you will want it back!  Better yet? BUY the book for your children who have children, your friends...GREAT holiday gift, AND, Baby showers....Hey, we used to give Dr. Spock's books , but this is a fabulous read for new moms too...ok, we can wait for them to get the babies home for a few weeks....BUT...the point....Bullying starts as EARLY as WE allow it to start.  

My son will be reading this and has decided to do an English paper on it, and yes will be using this book as a reference.  This book is THAT good!   

Please, pick it up, read it, share it, whether by book clubs, just talking or blogging about it, but share....Our children need us , our grandchildren need us, Hell, our neighborhood kids need us....We need to be the kind of adults that help our young ones stop this atrocity.....   

And of course...........5 STARS!!!!

Happy Reading......

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Friday, August 17, 2012

New Books!

New books, well, new to me!  I am reading between one and that crazy or what!  I have done that SO many times in my life...I am a quick reader, ok, sometimes, I 'slow myself down to absorb', by picking up another book. I am sure that sounds weird to some people, but I HATE finishing most books I read, so it is a way to prolong the joy of that particular 'read'.

Wondering what you are reading, hoping you will share.  I am ready to put another book on the 'kindle shelf' and begin voraciously reading what you think is a good read!  I really do value your opinions.

Until then?

Happy Reading.....

Sunday, August 12, 2012



This site is one of the most wonderful sites, if you are a voracious reader like myself!  One of my Facebook friends, told me about it, and of course?  I shared the news!  

This site can be used through various 'book' types.....such as Nook.  I am a Kindle fan (it sleeps with me everynight), and the books, are free through the 'whispernet' through  I have found up to 5 free books a day, now, not every one appeals to me, but to have the opportunity to 'grab and read'?  Heaven....

So, if you have a chance?  AND why wouldn't you if you love reading here is the link to get you started   All you need to do is figure out which 'book' you are using and it as simple as pouring that afternoon cup of tea to enjoy your book with.  

Happy Reading!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Simple Thing

How far would you go to protect your children? Would you do it at the expense of your marriage? How far would you go to protect yourself?
For Susannah Delaney, the answers lie thousands of miles away, off the northwest corner of Washington state. When Susannah discovers her young son is being bullied and her adolescent daughter is spinning out of control, she moves them to remote Sounder Island in the San Juans to live off the grid for a year. Susannah hopes to save her children from the risks they’ve encountered at home, and to come to terms with her own haunted past. But the move threatens her marriage to the man she’s loved since childhood, and her very sense of self.
For Betty Pavalak, who first moved to Sounder to save her own troubled marriage, the island has been a haven for more than fifty years. But Betty also knows the guilt of living with choices she made long ago and actions that cannot be undone.The unlikely friendship between Susannah and Betty ignites a journey of self-discovery for both women that brings them both home to what they love most. A SIMPLE THING moves beyond friendship, children, and marriages to look deeply into what it means to love and forgive—yourself.
MY REVIEW:  This was a 5 star book.  The characters drew me in, and taught me a great deal in the process.  The book is beautifully written and deals with loss, guilt, forgiveness while raising children and trying to hold on to a marriage.  When I came to the end, I was left wanting more.  Really, wanting more!  
Happy Reading!
P.S.  Thanks K. McCleary for writing a wonderful book!

Monday, August 6, 2012

New Book Review....Coming Up

Yes, this book took me a bit longer....but I think you may find it tuned.. Will be posting a review tomorrow....Name?  Now, why ruin the surprise :D   Happy Reading!