Thursday, September 13, 2012


What a thrilling year this has been, being on virtual BOOK TOURS!  For a voracious reader such as myself, what a blessing!  My daughter, a blogger,   introduced me into a world which I love, one that I had NO clue about.  Thanks sweetie!!

I have read some awesome books....I am sure that there are some that, ahem may not be such a good read but you can count on me to be honest.

One that is sticking out in my mind, because it is so relevant to today and tomorrow is BULLIED by Carrie Goldman.   My last post I gave my review and share a synopsis of the book.  THIS is a MUST read, such great, useful info for EVERY member of EVERY family.  Great tools and honestly gave me hope....

This is a book that you must buy in hard copy, don't Kindle will want to share and refer often...or as I stated in my post?  BUY one for will be forever on the 'good gifter' list...Trust me.

Wanted to thank the Authors and the Publishing Companies, for the greatest opportunity.  Thank you Kathryn for the opportunity to do what I have always loved

Happy Reading!

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