Sunday, August 12, 2012



This site is one of the most wonderful sites, if you are a voracious reader like myself!  One of my Facebook friends, told me about it, and of course?  I shared the news!  

This site can be used through various 'book' types.....such as Nook.  I am a Kindle fan (it sleeps with me everynight), and the books, are free through the 'whispernet' through  I have found up to 5 free books a day, now, not every one appeals to me, but to have the opportunity to 'grab and read'?  Heaven....

So, if you have a chance?  AND why wouldn't you if you love reading here is the link to get you started   All you need to do is figure out which 'book' you are using and it as simple as pouring that afternoon cup of tea to enjoy your book with.  

Happy Reading!!

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