Sunday, August 10, 2014


Today I decided to use a 'play on words' and to use my leftovers from my Nacho Cheese Chicken...As soon as I knew what was left? The first thought was Tortilla Soup....So my brain began the process of thinking of all the things I like in a soup.

Starting with the leftovers, went to the fridge, the freezer and the pantry...

Cut up the chicken breast, used all the sauce and about 2/3 the rice, approximately a 1/2cup of the sour cream, the whole bag of corn and just enough of the chicken broth to cover all.
Salt and pepper to taste, and WOW, is it delicious....Now THIS is a good leftover dinner!  Will serve with some tortilla chips, hence the name....Again, feel free to add any other ingredients that make it your own.... Another super easy and quick meal....letting this simmer, while I do some laundry and enjoy this weather!  Love to all <3

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